Alternative Bridging launches ‘The Dealmakers’ video


Jonathan Rubins - Alternative Bridging

Alternative Bridging Corporation has launched a new video introducing its senior sales team and dealmakers.

The Dealmakers video, which pays homage to Mission Impossible, includes a number of interesting revelations.

The video highlights the areas of specialist expertise the property lender has across its Sales team and how this can give brokers an edge in securing the right finance solution for their clients.

The Dealmakers video is available for brokers to watch on the Alternative Bridging website now.

Jonathan Rubins, Director at Alternative Bridging Corporation, says: 

“Life might seem a bit impossible for brokers at the moment, as deals become more complex and getting them across the line gets harder.

But it doesn’t have to be this way and our team of property finance specialists are on hand to help make the impossible, possible.

The Dealmakers video introduces our team of sales agents in a light-hearted way – but it has a serious point.

We firmly believe that the only real service is personal service, and this video highlights our focus on providing brokers with the most capable and committed personal support available in the market.”