Alpha Bridging rebrands offering unique peer to peer proposition


Alpha Bridging, the bridging lender, is rebranding as Kuflink Bridging as it launches its new peer to peer (P2P) platform.

Kuflink Bridging, which will operate as before exclusively in the intermediary sector, will be now able to offer a broader lending proposition as it seeks to expand its business via its new P2P platform.

Investors have the option of spreading their risk via pool funded investment or to fund specific deals. According to Sales Director, Narinder Khattoare, what makes the Kuflink offering unique from other P2P offerings in the bridging sector, is the guarantee that Kuflink will always fund the first 20% of any deal and therefore only 80% of the loan will be funded by outside investment.

He said, “Kuflink Bridging wants investors to have total faith in its P2P platform and the most effective way to do that is by investing in the first 20% of every deal we approve. Investors can then have the confidence that not only are we backing our own judgement, but there is a proper buffer in place in the rare cases where a loan does not perform.

All of the USP’s for which Alpha Bridging is rightly noted, in terms of customer care, good communication and that most important element, speed of delivery, remain unchanged.

Kuflink Bridging is aiming to grow rapidly to bring our trademark strengths to a wider cross section of intermediaries and their clients. We are looking forward to increasing our market share as investors recognise that our proposition carries not only the opportunity for strong returns but also a greater measure of security than any comparable offering, because we are literally putting our own money where our mouth is, by investing in the first 20% of every deal we underwrite.”