21Finance launches to expand broker choice


Ranjit Narwal 21finance

21Finance has launched a packager service dedicated to the broker market concentrating on whole of market specialist lending support.

With an offering that includes first and second charge mortgages, bridging and development finance, 21Finance is designed to offer brokers a true one stop shop for all of their specialist lending needs.

Ranjit Narwal, 21Finance’s Head of Origination, said:

“Our experience from talking to brokers is that they enjoy the support they get from packagers but find that when their packager of choice becomes too big, service standards can slip, and their clients suffer.

21Finance is the answer to the question we are often asked by introducers as to where they can go to receive the kind of comprehensive service that will always be scaled to be consistent in its support for brokers.

We are convinced that many will benefit from utilising the skills of 21Finance as a first point of contact for their specialist lending needs.

We have run a successful pilot scheme with brokers over the past twelve months and have built a stable of lenders across the specialist lending market. We are now ready to announce 21Finance to the whole market.

With Consumer Duty now firmly established, we believe that brokers are going to be asked to justify their recommended choices and be scrutinised more closely than ever.

Brokers are going to be hard pressed to complete the kind of due diligence on their lending choices that is going to be required from now on.

21Finance is designed to facilitate the research process and provide hands on support for all brokers looking to ensure the best recommendations.”