Black & White Bridging joins Bridging Loan Directory


Black & White Bridging

Bristol based lender Black & White Bridging has joined the Bridging Loan Directory to spread the word about its ‘dynamic’ re-brand and boost UK expansion plans.

Black & White Bridging, the new identity of regional lender Bath & West Finance, provides residential and semi-commercial bridging, development, refurbishment and auction finance in England and Wales.

Residential bridging loan sizes range from £50,000 to £10million with a maximum LTV of 75% whilst semi-commercial loans range between £50,000 to £10million with a maximum LTV of 70%.

Development finance loans are between £150,000 and £10million with a maximum LTV on completion of 65%.

“Demand has gone through the roof,” explains commercial director Damien Druce. “We’re seeing it across all areas from residential bridging to development and semi-commercial such as pub conversions. As Government Covid support begins to taper off people are looking for more traditional forms of funding such as bridging.”

Damien, whose previous roles include Director of Intermediaries for P2P lender Assetz Capital, says it is seeing growth across the country currently working on deals in the West Country, Liverpool, York, Manchester and London.

Developing a greater national presence was one of the main drivers behind the re-branding in March.

“Bath & West Finance since 2013 has provided short term, non-regulated lending via advisers in the South West. We specialised in the region, but our founder Martyn Smith wanted to create a national lender,” says Damien.

“We want to do more work in England and Wales and through natural evolution open offices in Scotland and Northern Ireland to become truly national.”

Martyn, one of the modern bridging market’s influential pioneers, has driven national success before. His first business,, became the first bridging lender to be AIM listed.

The group hopes the new branding, devised by Martyn and Damien without outside agency help, will also make the company sound more like a ‘fast-paced’ bridging lender rather than a less than fleet footed building society!

“We wanted to create something which sounded more dynamic. Bridging is a lot about speed and execution and things that are black, and white are typically quicker because they are not as complicated,” Damien explains.

“There are no grey areas in our business. We are truly transparent around areas such as fees, extensions and interest rates.

We don’t do any regulated bridging, but we are approaching this as if we did. We are upfront, honest and when we say we are going to do something then we do it.”

Damien says the group has received a lot of positive feedback from investors and brokers about the re-brand.

“Other lenders are very sales driven. It is enquiries, enquiries enquiries. But we want to find the right enquiry to make the deal work,” he says.

“It is a partnership with brokers. We talk through a deal and structure it. We want to get business done and make things happen for the broker and their borrower.”

He says this philosophy will be vital in the months and years ahead post-pandemic. “Change is coming,” Damien states. “That could mean more regulation in the sector. We are ready to embrace it and believe our transparency will play well.”

He says joining Bridging Loan Directory will help the group get its message out to a wider audience. “It’s a clear and concise platform. We want to reach as many people as possible, so they know what we do and where to find us,” he says.

Tony Sanchez, Founder, Bridging Loan Directory added:

“I’ve known Damien and Martyn for many years and I’m thrilled to welcome them and Black & White Bridging onto the Bridging Loan Directory.

With their transparent approach to lending, they offer something completely unique in the market and I have no doubt they will appeal to brokers looking for bespoke finance solutions.”