Walls & Futures Announce Launch of LGF II – London Residential Investment Fund



Following the success of the London Growth Fund, Walls & Futures, the property specialist asset manager, is offering investors the opportunity to participate in a new tax efficient fund, LGF II. LGF I is currently generating an un-leveraged return of 27.6% (11%.03 IRR).

LGF II will invest in Central and Greater London residential property and has a target return of 30% over 3 years. It’s open to Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors with a minimum subscription of only £25,000, direct or through SIPPs.

As with LGF I, Walls & Futures will target assets that create real value rather than solely relying on capital growth to generate returns. The investment strategy is to refurbish existing residential units, develop new build residential units on brown/greenfield sites and redevelop commercial into residential units.

Emphasis will be placed on locations with excellent transport links, good amenities and that will benefit from price growth in adjacent locations.

Commenting on the launch, Joe McTaggart, Managing Director at Walls & Futures said:

“London residential property has proven to be a stable and profitable asset class during the economic downturn, especially when compared to commercial property. LGF II builds on the success of our first fund which is up 27.6% without the use of leverage.

With the chronic shortage of homes in the Capital and population increase driving demand, we believe there is a firm foundation to support future price growth. We feel this a fantastic way of investors getting hands off exposure to Central & Greater London residential property.

Unlike simply investing in a buy to let property, investors will benefit from our successful strategy of adding value through refurbishment and development as it lowers risk and enhances the returns. As with LGF I we will continue with our investment philosophy as proactive managers to invest alongside our clients, making their success our success.”