UNITE completes second student property in Tottenham Hale



UNITE, a provider of managed student accommodation in the UK, is due to complete its newest property – North Lodge – in September.

North Lodge will be UNITE’s second property in Tottenham Hale and was built as part of the regeneration of Hale Village, a major mixed-use project on the site of a former Greater London Council Supplies Depot. The property’s location, with excellent transport links placing it just 20 minutes from central London, is designed to provide more affordable accommodation for London’s students, without compromising on quality and facilities. The majority of rooms are in flats with a shared kitchen and living area, all bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and students are able to choose to live with their friends. The nearby Tottenham Hale station gives residents easy access to universities across London.

Councillor Alan Strickland said: “We’re delighted to welcome UNITE and its future student residents to Tottenham Hale.  These students will be arriving at a very exciting time for Tottenham as both the Hale and the wider area enjoy major investment and regeneration which will improve quality of life for everyone who lives here.

“Students are an important part of the local community, helping to enhance Tottenham’s cultural identity and boost the local economy, and I’m sure that those who live at North Lodge will make positive contributions to Tottenham’s local shops, bars and restaurants and play an active role in local life.”

As part of the celebration, UNITE unveiled new research into the benefits their student residents bring to their local area, the UNITE London Residents Community Research. The research, provides a voice for 873 students from 27 of UNITE’s London properties and demonstrates how students contribute positively to the communities in which they live by spending locally, volunteering in their local area and create a vibrant and diverse culture, as well as wanting to get more involved in their local area.

Mark Allan, Chief Executive of UNITE said: “The findings of this research challenge the perception that students do not benefit the communities in which they live. Many of our student residents make major contributions to their local area while living with UNITE; in addition to the £107 million UNITE students contribute to London’s economy annually, our research found that 53% of our students are interested in volunteering in their local area and more than 31% have done so in the past.”

He concluded, “We are very proud of our new property in Tottenham Hale and believe our investment in building North Lodge as part of the Tottenham Hale Regeneration project, and the students that live here, will have a lasting, positive effect on the local community”.