New 6% Innovative Finance ISA makes first pay outs


Ansar Mahmood

The Fluid Bond – one of the newest investment products on the personal finance market – has already made its first payments. Early adopters of the bond (which is held through an Innovative Finance ISA) came on board in the last quarter of 2018 and have now received their first returns as of January 2019.

Investments made through a Fluid Bond are asset-backed by real estate or other company assets, to offer security and peace of mind to investors. This funds business-to-business bridging loans through partner company Fluid Lending, which are offered over 6 to 18 months and fund projects throughout the UK, predominantly property development.

The Fluid Bond has a minimum investment of £2,000, with tax-free income calculated at a fixed rate of 6% per annum over 3 years. The resulting income is paid quarterly rather than annually, allowing investors to benefit from returns more regularly than investment options from other providers.

Fluid Bond was founded in Manchester by chartered accountant and property developer Ansar Mahmood, the founder of Pomegranate Consulting. Also on the board are Pascal Estienne, a chartered engineer with over 40 years’ experience, well respected real estate legal professional Stephen Sorrell, and Will Jackson, who is finance manager of numerous property developments around the North West.

Ansar Mahmood commented:

“In the current climate, high-street and second-tier banks are becoming increasingly reluctant to lend, especially in unregulated markets. As a smaller, yet specialised and industry-experienced lender, we are able to offer secured, intelligent bridging loans at a competitive rate, to fund the expansions and ambitions of exciting business and projects across the UK.

 This allows us to facilitate the growth of our investors’ money, with the Fluid Bond secured by assets for their peace of mind. The market is evolving and we intend to grow alongside it; the first payouts of the latest in our suite of financial products is an exciting milestone.”