Investors remain uncertain over cryptocurrencies


Stuart Law Assetz Capital

Investors are growing increasingly uncertain over cryptocurrency, with less than 1% indicating that it makes up a significant portion of their investment portfolio according to new data from Assetz Capital’s Q4 Investor Barometer.

In the latest Investor Barometer, a quarterly survey of the peer-to-peer lender’s 31,000-strong investor base, 48% of investors were strongly opposed to investing in cryptocurrencies. Whilst 43% confirmed that they would not be averse to investing in cryptocurrency in the future, just 8% stated that they actually have a small investment in the digital currency.

The latest figures highlight growing uncertainty amongst investors when it comes to cryptocurrencies, with results from the Q1 Investor Barometer showing that 43% of investors thought the cryptocurrency market was on the verge of collapse.

Cryptocurrency has failed to recover since the 65% crash in bitcoin earlier in the year, with Bitcoin’s market capitalisation falling below the £100bn mark this November for the first time in over a year.

Stuart Law, pictured, CEO of Assetz Capital said:

“With the cryptocurrency marketplace remaining volatile throughout 2018 and most currencies marking new lows since the rapidly dimming peak, this growing uncertainty amongst our investors is to be expected. The novelty is quickly wearing thin and the idea that it could act as a haven in uncertain times appears fundamentally flawed.

With the unpredictability of the digital currency model, it’s likely that cryptocurrency will continue to be an unsettled prospect into 2019 and beyond.”