Investors predicting worst economic quarter of year


Stuart Law Assetz Capital

Assetz Capital investors are predicting the worst economic quarter of the year, according to the Q3 Investor Barometer.

Last quarter, the peer-to-peer lending platform surveyed its 29,000-strong investor base. When asked ‘how will the economic situation impact you in the next three months’, only 9% thought it would be positive, while 40% thought it would be negative.

This compares poorly to Q1 (13% positive, 36% negative) and Q2 (10% positive, 31% negative), as the potential future relationship models with the EU post-Brexit start to become clearer.

Stuart Law, pictured, CEO at Assetz Capital said:

“While the government may release statistics that claim the economy is in good health, our investors are not as bullish. In fact, with confidence fading in the government’s ability to secure a good Brexit deal, our investment community is expecting this quarter to be the worst of the year.

“Until this uncertainty is lifted, we expect that conventional means of business investment will continue to stall, breeding further concern for the economy. Although peer-to-peer lending has inherent risks, it now represents the best opportunity for SMEs to secure growth capital, drive employment and give the economy a shot in the arm.”