Wharf Financial launches ProperTee Golf Society

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Wharf Financial ProperTee Golf Society

Property finance broker, Wharf Financial has launched the ProperTee Golf Society.

With networking proving to be a challenge, Wharf Financial decided to take matters into their own hands.

Without the usual opportunities to meet new clients and discuss industry matters with other property finance professionals, Wharf Financial decided to launch their own event.

Meeting on the last Friday of every month at Stableford Abbotts Golf Club, Wharf Financial were able to combine a past time which they love and a forum for business discussions.

Lockdown has made networking difficult but with golf courses being open air, there was an opportunity to create something that would benefit all those wanting to get out and meet new and old faces alike.

The first event which was held on Friday 24th July attracted 27 players, made up of solicitors, lenders, wealth managers, accountants, brokers, investors and developers.

Golf course

Marc Champ, managing director, Wharf Financial said:

‘Being innovative and thinking outside of the box is what we do at Wharf Financial. We look on the bright side of things and if we can mix business and pleasure then why not? The ProperTee Golf Society is for everybody to enjoy whilst forming new relationships and cementing existing ties. We hope the society is around for a long time and will benefit all those that attend.’

Over 50 have registered with the society and this monthly event is set to attract even more members in the following months.

With membership being on a pay as you play basis there is no annual subscription and the flexibility to play and network as you would like.

The full spectrum of golfers are welcome to attend and this informal golf society hopes to build on the first event’s success.

For more information please email [email protected]