InterBay Commercial partners with Impact Specialist Finance to deliver £6m of commercial finance

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InterBay Commercial, part of specialist lending group OneSavings Bank, partnered with Impact Specialist Financial to provide just under £6m of finance for two commercial cases.

Dale Jannels, Managing Director, Impact Specialist Finance, approached InterBay to work on the two cases, knowing their successful track record in completing complex large loans.  These challenging cases involved:

Case 1 – £2.9m loan

  • Nine flats over two freehold titles
  • Numerous shareholders including key shareholder located offshore
  • Three Directors
  • Repaying development finance
  • Term loan for five years.


Dale approached InterBay Commercial, seeking a term facility for an application exiting a development loan.  The facility was underwritten on the basis of the loan being secured against seven flats under one freehold and a further two units under another freehold. The company set up consisted of three directors as well as a number of shareholders, including one who was based offshore. This was a complex case, however due to the strength of the existing relationship with the broker and the robust business case presented with supporting evidence, the application was accepted and InterBay was able to provide funding on this basis.

Case 2 – £2.7m loan

  • Twelve flats under one title
  • Change of company status
  • Recent refurbishment and additional two flats added.


Dale also approached InterBay some months later seeking a re-mortgage for a block of twelve flats to be held within a newly created limited company structure.  The asset was a converted public house that had undergone a recent refurbishment and development to add two new flats.  Due to the quality of the assets and the strong LTV position, InterBay Commercial was able to make a positive decision to support the application.

Dale Jannels, Managing Director, Impact FS said: 

“These were two complex cases which needed the support of a lender who was willing to go that extra mile and think outside the box.  It takes a great underwriting team to provide multifaceted solutions in a timely manner, and we are delighted to have established such a strong working relationship with Interbay Commercial. Thank you to all everyone who got involved and helped to get these incredibly difficult and time critical cases across the line.”

Darrell Walker, pictured, Head of Sales, InterBay Commercial commented:

“It was truly a great effort from everyone who touched these cases at every stage, both at Impact and InterBay.  I am also delighted as it reflects the range and expertise of our underwriting and the hard work and determination that the teams at InterBay deliver for our broking partners.”