Mint Bridging on track to complete 31 loans in 31 days

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Mint BridgingMint Bridging, the UK’s family run, privately funded lender of short term bridging loans has confirmed 31 loans scheduled to complete by end March. This record monthly number has partly been born out of Mint’s newly simplified product range comprising of a standard bridging loan, re-bridging loans, refurbishment or development loans and 2nd charge loans.

By also offering a strong service ethic, this has enabled acceleration of the company’s rapid turnaround time to accommodate the swift increase in growth. With Mint’s recent announcement of a maximum loan size increase from £1 to £5m, alongside the BDM’s focus on Greater London and southern England, the results have confirmed loan size numbers are also higher than average, nationwide.

Managing Director, Andrew Lazare, confirmed:

“We’ve not only been inundated with more inquiries yet these conversion rates have increased 75 percent. As we have tight knit, hands on team our personal approach has also resulted in a high number of referrals. As we lend our own money we can deliver quickly and with minimal fuss and this is allowing us to increase our market share, at the end of the day, it’s just not about the best rate, it’s about the best service”

As a small business with a handful of employees less than a year ago, Mint now employs 18 staff. From focusing on customer service as paramount, the company has predicted loans will be increasing 12% per month during 2016.