Shawbrook’s New to the Pride: May 2014

By Bridging Loan Directory -


Lisa WilliamsAs the Shawbrook Pride stalk their way into summer, let’s see who the latest addition is…

The broker ‘New to the Pride’ this month is Lisa Williams of Keys (UK) Limited.

Here’s what Lisa had to say about starting to work with Shawbrook:

“Shawbrook contacted me as they’d noticed my social media activity and thought Keys was exactly the sort of brokerage they wanted to join their panel. The majority of the deals we’ve worked on together have concerned Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs), both existing properties and ones needing conversion. We’ve seen investors applying for a range of products, such as heavy and light refurbishment finance, short-term loans and standard mortgages. We’re based in the West Midlands, in Coventry, but our clients hail from throughout the country. Generally speaking, we’ve found those in the South are looking for HMOs to rent out to professionals, while those in the Midlands and the North are looking for HMOs for student accommodation.

“I think we have a good working partnership as we package our clients’ applications well. There is a myth that once a borrower “goes commercial”, the work becomes easier as the lenders just require a standard set of documents. In reality, working with commercial mortgage lenders is harder and requires a lot more work, particularly since the credit crunch.

“The role of the broker is crucial in the mortgage application process as the lender just sees black and white documents. It is up to the broker or packager to tell the client’s story and turn the client from an abstract figure into a human with a background. This is especially true with complex cases, where making the lender feel comfortable with approving a loan is crucial. I am also a property investor myself and have been for 15 years, so one of my key strengths is the ability to think like an underwriter and realise what it is the lender needs to know about the client and the property to approve the loan.  Explaining to the underwriter why the client is a solid proposition and resolving any uncertainties the lender may have can make all the difference”.

Sarah Woolf, Business Development Manager, Commercial Mortgages, Shawbrook Bank commented on her experience with Keys (UK):

“We’re delighted to be working with Lisa and the team at Keys (UK). Lisa attracts clients from all over the UK and has an impressive knowledge of the property market, financial services and all that’s involved in making property work hard for an investor. Her honesty and integrity in sourcing the perfect solution for clients earns her the respect of both her clients and her peers, and makes her an ideal broker partner.

“At Shawbrook we work with a managed panel of brokers who specialise in short-term lending and specialist buy-to-lets. Whilst we provide clear criteria around our product range, we also rely on our brokers to present a case to us and tell the story in order to assist our underwriters.

“The team at Keys (UK) are expert at this and work in partnership with us to make the client’s journey as smooth as possible. Most importantly, they are thoroughly lovely to work with”.

Which just leaves the crucial question: if Keys was a biscuit, what variety would it be?

“A custard cream – not only are they my favourite biscuit, but they have three parts, just like Keys – we’re creative on one side, compliant on the other and compassionate in the middle!”

Have what it takes? To find out more about joining the Shawbrook Pride call us on 01277 751111 or email