Selina Finance launches with pledge to cut secured loan completion times in half

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Michael Biemann, Managing Director, Selina Finance

Digital secured lender, Selina Finance, recently appointed to the FIBA panel, officially launched its flexible loan product today with a pledge to brokers to cut the length of the typical secured loan completion time in half.

Reflecting this, in recent weeks it completed an application from USA Summer Camp for a £250,00 loan in just 10 working days. The loan is being used by the leading summer camp brand for a Management Buy-Out.

Selina Finance is a new breed of secured lender, providing second charge business and property investment loans in a fraction of the time required by traditional lenders. It even promises to provide smaller secured loans in as little as two working days.

Rates start from 4.95% with indicative rates available to borrowers within 2 hours of completing the lender’s powerful Get-A-Rate form — and final offers within 24 hours. Crucially, the full loan application process can be carried out online, marking a new era in loan flexibility.

In the weeks ahead, borrowers will also be able to go into their personal dashboard to effortlessly adapt their repayment schedule, e.g. to extend the loan contract or (as the loans are structured as a credit line) make extra withdrawals, marking a new era in loan flexibility.

Broker commissions are 3.5% (2% at loan disbursement and 1.5% after 18 months).

Michael Biemann, Managing Director, Selina Finance, commented:

“Brokers are the lifeblood of the secured loans industry, whether for business or property investment reasons, and we look forward to building active partnerships with as many as possible in the weeks and months ahead. Our goal as a lender is to introduce a level of flexibility and speed that is unrivalled in the market and that offers brokers a completely fresh mode of finance for their clients. We feel the kind of finance we are offering is a perfect solution to create instant liquidity out of equity, whether for business or property investment reasons.”

Kier Bates, Executive Director, USA Summer Camp, added:

“We were amazed at how quickly Selina Finance completed our application. A lot of companies say they are fast but rarely live up to that. Selina Finance did. The whole process was seamless, digital and highly professional, and we would recommend them to any business seeking access to capital fast. If we need to, we’ll definitely be using them again in the future.”