“Right network model is sustainable,” says Stonebridge Group

By Bridging Loan Directory -


Stonebridge Group, the mortgage and insurance network, has today (5th November 2012) launched an impassioned defence of the viability of suitable network models in the face of talk of further consolidation.

Various media outlets and industry commentators have recently suggested contraction of the network market is inevitable as the global financial crisis continues to bite, but Stonebridge reasons that those with the correct strategies in place won’t necessarily have to compromise.

A number of mortgage networks have also altered their charging structures in recent months and hiked monthly fees, but Stonebridge doesn’t levy monthly fees and hasn’t changed its charging structure since ‘Mortgage Day’ in 2004.

Richard Adams, Managing Director of Stonebridge Group, commented:


“There have been a number of networks making changes to their adviser fees lately and from the outside it looks like they are subsidising their preparations for the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) by hitting advisers in the pocket. We’re proud of the fact that our charging structure is completely transparent and has remained unchanged for eight years. This means our appointed representatives (ARs) can plan and budget effectively for the future without having to worry about us moving the goalposts further down the line.

“Aside from the fact that many advisers are having to deal with the effects of reduced volumes on their business, the introduction of new legislation and processes such as the RDR and the Mortgage Market Review, this should be a time when networks provide extra support and advice and not be looking to take advantage of their ARs by hiking fees. We are confident that the model we currently have in place offers our membership the best of all worlds and we will constantly review all elements of it to ensure this remains the case. Networks that constantly chop and change may find they need to merge or be subsumed by competitors, but those with a competitive and quality-driven model have a solid platform to build on for the foreseeable future.”