Mayfair Bridging turns the spotlight on investor protection in P2P schemes

By Bridging Loan Directory -


mayfair bridging logo-newEnsuring that all possible precautions have been taken to protect investors should be at the heart of every peer to peer offering, according to short term lender, Mayfair Bridging.

Mayfair Bridging, based in Preston and London, launched its own UCIS investment scheme as part of its new peer to peer offering in December and believes the P2P market must evolve in the way it structures its offerings to better serve the interests of investors, particularly through the use of insurance against potential fraud or negligence.

According to Shoaib Bux, Director at Mayfair Bridging, the value of extra protection safeguards needs to be an integral part of the overall package.

He said “ At a time when investors are looking for better returns than those being offered by conventional investment vehicles, it is incumbent on peer to peer businesses involved in lending to individuals  (using property as security), to offer not only good returns but also make every effort to minimise risk for the investor where they can.”

He added “ That is why, on top of the control we offer investors to choose the investments they want to make as well as encouraging their own due diligence on potential cases, we have invested in comprehensive insurance to supplement our own stringent underwriting of every case. This provides investors with an important extra layer of protection to cover against identity and borrower fraud, as well as title defects, deficiencies in property searches and solicitor negligence. In designing our scheme, we have placed the highest priority on offering investors great returns while not skimping on measures to supplement our already vigorous and robust underwriting. Taking the precautions we have, shows the way that P2P offerings can meet the requirements of today’s investor.”