LendInvest reveals new P2P lending stats‏

By Bridging Loan Directory -


LendInvest, the first live peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform specifically for residential and commercial mortgages, has today revealed some statistics on the returns being achieved by investors.

LendInvest which launched in May this year, has now traded almost £9 million of loans through its peer-to-peer platform. From these completed transactions, LendInvest has revealed the following statistics:

– 83% of the loans have been in London (within the M25);
– 95% of the loans have been against completed properties (ie, no development/developer risk);
– The average return achieve by investors, to date, is 9.65% net per annum.

Managing Director of LendInvest, David Serafini, commented:
“These statistics show that LendInvest is providing investors with some of the best lending opportunities in the P2P market – loans that are secured against properties primarily in London, and providing very good returns.

“All of LendInvest’s loans have the benefit of our significant track record of underwriting (with Montello) and access to the best fraud detection systems in the market.”

Co-Founder of LendInvest, Christian Faes, commented:
“We have seen some other investment propositions in the market, lending against property developments in regional areas and things like this. These propositions are falling far short of what investor’s should be demanding in terms of a return for making such risky investments. LendInvest provides investors with superior risk adjusted returns with the backing of significant experience and track record.”