Fincorp drops minimum bridging loan size

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Nigel AlexanderBridging lender Fincorp has announced it is dropping its minimum bridging loan size down to £100,000 immediately.

This reflects the growing demand Fincorp is seeing from smaller scale investors wishing to develop residential properties either to sell on or to let out.

Fincorp director Nigel Alexander says:

“This decision is in direct response to the volume of enquiries we have been getting this year from brokers who want to be able to do deals at this level for their clients.

“We’ve always been up front that if we can’t do a deal we’ll say no, and quickly. But it seems ludicrous to keep turning down loans to good clients, particularly as we want to give brokers the confidence to put bigger loan deals through Fincorp.

“Simply put, we want to be able to say yes more often and this seemed a sensible and commercial way to do that.”

Following several discussions with its investors to agree funding for smaller loan sizes, Fincorp is now able to offer bridging loans from anywhere between £100,000 to £5 million.

Alexander believes there are more people who see the value on offer by refurbishing auction properties for example, but that there is also a growing desire to be careful about how much debt they take on in one go.

And he added: “Although the banks are exercising caution and not repossessing properties left right and centre, there has been a lot of activity at the smaller scale end of the property market.

“That offers people the chance to make a good return but they don’t necessarily want to start off at the half a million pound property level.

“It simply makes good business sense for us to be able to offer finance at this end of the scale too – and hopefully once people see how well bridging works at this end of the market it’ll build their confidence to do more in the future.”