Arbuthnot Latham launches Arbuthnot Direct for those seeking long-term interest returns

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Arbuthnot Latham & Co., Limited (“Arbuthnot Latham”) is pleased to announce the launch of its new platform under the trading name of Arbuthnot Direct. Arbuthnot Direct offers fixed term deposits online, targeting retail customers who are seeking interest returns on their money over the longer term. The platform held a successful soft launch in February 2019 and has already met with a positive reception.

This move comes as part of Arbuthnot Latham’s commitment to extending its services to UK retail savers with an easy to use and high-quality online direct deposit platform, enabling it to expand its business-wide lending capabilities to Private and Commercial clients. Both three and five-year fixed term deposits are available, and interest will be paid annually.

Ashley King, Treasurer of Arbuthnot Direct, said:

“The introduction of Arbuthnot Direct is a significant step in increasing our access and support to retail savers across the UK. We are looking to add value to a competitive retail market and are committed to maintaining the highest quality of service that the Arbuthnot name is known for while adding fair, accessible and attractive offerings for both present and future customers.”