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Welcome to the BridgeCrowd; the social way to borrow and lend.

Our experienced team have been lending and processing bridging loans for a combined 20+ years and come from a variety of financial and legal backgrounds.

We have processed hundreds of loans and millions of pounds over the last 15 years and never lost any capital. We have developed extensive due diligence processes and procedures as well as paramount fraud prevention systems.

Our in house team of expert underwriters coupled with our exclusive products give us the competitive edge over high street alternatives. Because we are the lender, we can underwrite our own loans and as a result we are free from the restraints suffered by the major banks, which allows for a quick and simple turnaround.



We offer loans from £25k to £2m that are arranged quickly and efficiently.

BridgeCrowd prides itself on its flexible criteria. We lend to individual borrowers with bad credit, no income, sole traders, limited companies, pension funds or multiple borrowers.

We consider 1st, 2nd or 3rd charges on residential, semi-commercial or commercial properties and 1st and 2nd charges on land with or without planning. We as a lender are also happy to consider re-bridging or bridging out of a bridge.

We approve loans subject to valuation within 30 minutes of your application and our existing clients can complete in 24 hours. Our new customers complete in 10 days, but if you need to be fast tracked, this can be arranged.

You have the choice of paying the interest at the end of the loan period, or by servicing the loan monthly.



We only ever offer loans that we have personally invested into. BridgeCrowd grew out of a family business. The directors, partners and founding family members have been involved in bridging for 20+ years and invest their own money into every single deal (subject to personal funds)

We use our tried and tested underwriting criteria and take the same precautions with investor money as if it was our own.

The average loan term is 6 months and our maximum loan term is 12 months.

We take a 1st or 2nd charge mortgage over UK property. All of the properties are valued by a RICS approved surveyors who indemnifies us as to the value. Our maximum loan to value is 70%.

As an investor, you are directly assigned part of the loan and mortgage pro rata to your investment.

For further information, please call a member of our dedicated team on: 0161 312 56 56



TEL: 0161 312 56 56

WEB: www.thebridgecrowd.com

EMAIL: borrowers@thebridgecrowd.com

EMAIL: investors@thebridgecrowd.com

Telephone: 0161 312 56 56
Email Address:   borrowers@thebridgecrowd.com