Seneca Bridging

Seneca Bridging


Seneca Bridging specialise in offering private funding for short term bridging loans. We are quick and professional with vast knowledge and experience.

Seneca provide the personal touch, we like to visit every property we lend on and meet everyone we lend to.

Every bridging loan is different, at Seneca Bridging all cases are considered on their own merit and individually priced with competitive rates.

We lend our own funds so we don’t need to consult other lenders or banks. We are not an aggressive lender, instead we are flexible and work with borrowers in difficulty.

Seneca is happy to support residential and commercial property transactions, auction purchases, renovation and development projects.

We provide short term bridging loans secured by first legal charges on residential or commercial property and land. Seneca Bridging finance is ideal for developers who need to move quickly.

We offer short term solutions where banks won’t lend to this type of market. If you or your client is looking to refurbish a buy-to-let property, or carry out a conversion with the intention of creating value and then selling or re-mortgaging the property with a mainstream lender, our residential investment products can help them get the funding they need.

Seneca Bridging are able to finance quality smaller development projects where we get certainty over exit via a mainstream lender or sale. We pride ourselves on understanding the projects, ensuring the Borrower has sufficient funds in place to complete the project and on how quickly we are able to deliver funds to our clients. We have created flexible funding solutions for experienced house builders on residential and mixed-use developments.

You provide us with details of the deal, the security available and a clear repayment strategy by initially contacting Jamie Gillespie on 07884 738796 or by email on

We will contact you by email or phone the same working day to discuss the enquiry further.

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