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Redrock Commercial Finance:


As a private limited company, Redrock Commercial has a network of funding streams available that range from private investors. private banks, retail and high street banks. Established in 2011 Redrock itself has gone from strength to strength, growing its knowledge, funding lines and customer base.

The Redrock Commercial team is supremely trained in varied monetary solutions available from various lenders. Our tag line of ‘We Make Deals Happen’ came about through many proven successful cases, if the initial route doesn’t work, we will explore every possible avenue to Make Your Deal Happen in the best possible way for you . Our expertise particularly lie in organising finance products for short term but equally we have connoisseurs in long term solutions. Each team member has a different raft of knowledge and each of them comes with a flexible, friendly approach to offer you an appropriate solution for your specific needs.

Aiming at solving your short term funds requirements

As we know all too well ourselves it can be tough in the present economy to find a firm that offers superior, flexible customer service along with financial expertise and knowledge. We pride ourselves on being the firm that can stand out from the crowd and work for you irrespective of your situation, we can assist you in securing commercial as well as residential bridging finance very fast and at the best market rates.

Redrock Commercial Finance… We are experts in Bridging Loans but also specialise in other Commercial Finance!

– Directly talk to a decision making individual.
– We ensure the success of all deals!
– The business funds experts!
– You get decisions instantly.
– No one can give you the appropriate funds solution like us!

Redrock is one of the most efficient and quickest short-term bridging loan specialists.

We have one of the slickest processes in the industry which we have fine-tuned over the years. From short term property finance to property development finance and bridging loans, we have a lot of experience.

Providing you with the right Bridging Finance Solution

At Redrock Commercial we have a comprehensive understanding and knowledge in the property segment, which is just one of the strengths of our experienced team. We always strive to provide you with a bridging finance loan which can take care of your individual requirements and you will also be able to get competitive rates and fast decisions on our short term finance and bridging loans.

Giving you a 100% legal service

You can get a 100% legal service administered by our legal partner who conveys specialist bridging finance. Call us today to get the appropriate Bridging Finance Solution for your needs.

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