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MT Finance do offer something different. That’s not a pitch. It’s not marketing jargon.

By offering an institutionally friendly, communicative and transparent service to brokers and borrowers alike, we cut the anxiety and uncertainty out of the loan application process.

We are one of the leading principle lenders in the bridging finance space with a team of real estate and legal professionals perfectly positioned to understand borrowers’ needs and to assist in structuring loans that work. We believe you have to work with brokers and clients and find ways to make projects work.

We take a fast, non-status based approach to lending going back to the traditional roots of bridging finance. Our approach is streamlined; no application forms, no upfront fees, offers in principle within 12 hours of enquiry and valuations within 48 hours. We lend on full market value and up to 100% of the purchase price.

Building relationships is the key to everything we do. We look forward to having the opportunity to build a bridge with you.

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