BiG Property Finance

BiG Property Finance

What makes BIG different…

BiG Property Finance

We are a Private Company owned by high net worth individuals who invest their own funds into your projects.

We are not a broker and aren’t reliant on finding investors or high street lenders to fund your deals. An offer from us means that funds have already been allocated to the proposed loan.

Each member of the team has experience in property development and investment as well as finance. We understand the needs of our borrowers and the issues that can arise in buying, developing, refurbishing, selling and refinancing property because we have experienced them first hand. As well as finance we can often add value through advice and support and we make sure that our loans provide sufficient cover for as many circumstances as possible.

Complex transactions do not intimidate us. We offer a variety of products that are flexible, designed to suit the varied requirements of our borrowers and the equally differing deals that they bring. Our approach is to listen to your requirements and work with you to provide one or more viable options to consider, rather than dictate terms to you. This allows us to fund as much as 100% of value or cost with loans of up to £10 million considered.

Speed is normally of the essence when you need a short term loan and we will usually give you an answer to your application within 3 hours. Often we will only need to take a few details over the phone or email to allow us to provide you with indicative terms.


Products offered:


Bridging Loans  – up to 75% loan to value/purchase from £60,000 to £10 million. Rates from 1% per calendar month terms from 1 month to 18 month with no exit fees.

Development Finance – up to 75% loan to costs including land value, construction and fees. This product is available to individuals and companies with a track record in development and/or refurbishment.

Purchase to Lease – We buy a property on our clients behalf covering 100% of the costs with a simultaneous lease back and option for them to buy back the property once a mainstream mortgage is achievable.

Medium Term Loans – Up to 70% loan to value for a term of between 1-3 years. Rates from 8% per annum.

Joint Ventures – Up to 90% of costs considered for an agreed profit share and interest on the debt.


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