Apex Bridging

Apex Bridging


Our Mission

At Apex, we like to do things a little differently. We look for reasons to lend, rather than reasons not to.  We’re driven by people, not by computers. We listen, we act and we deliver, because our experience enables us to put ourselves in a position where we understand the full picture on every deal.  Our aim is to find solutions instead of hiding behind ‘criteria’.

Our stakeholder partners have helped shape our business.  We have a reputation for quality, service and strong relationship values.  Our partners believe we care and can be trusted to deliver to their expectations.  These aspects of our strategy will be the foundation for our growth moving into 2020.


Apex Bridging was established 6 years ago, joining the successful portfolio of companies within HBB Relocations Ltd.

Our team and directors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in property and lending.  This gives the business the confidence to lend on value and not purchase price.

We have enhanced the reputation of the business and the bridging sector in general.  We have achieved this through our commitment to our stakeholder model and its focus on collaboration, communication and education.  Our mission and background reinforces our integrity in a market that now has a growing reputation for quality options for short term funding.


Telephone: 01509 345 007
Email Address: enquiries@apexbridging.co.uk

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