BridgeCrowd provides funds to dismiss client bankruptcy

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The BridgeCrowd recently used their exclusive ‘valuation product’ to dismiss a bankruptcy hearing for their client.

Unlike traditional bridging lenders, the BridgeCrowd will lend on many hard to place bridging requirements. This common sense approach to lending is based simply on the valuation report and LTV of a property. The BridgeCrowd can help high-risk borrowers to secure bridging loans. Because they do not rely on restrictions held by more traditional lenders, the BridgeCrowd can offer solutions for those with no proof of funds, unclean titles, equitable charges, refused consent, credit impaired, require flexible exits and severe adverse credit, in this case dismissing a bankruptcy.

The BridgeCrowd worked closely with their client and his solicitor throughout the process and the case was handled quickly and efficiently. As a result, the solicitor was able to attend the hearing with funds in their client account held to order, which gave the judge confirmation and the hearing was dismissed.

Both the borrower and the broker were extremely happy with the BridgeCrowd as they saved the client from going bankrupt and this has now allowed the borrower a year of breathing space in order to re-arrange their financial affairs.