BridgeCrowd completes £1.8m bridging loan for offshore business

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BridgeCrowd were approached by a high net worth client for a large loan to repay business debts of a major airline company.

Due to the various complexities involved with the case, the clients had struggled to gain any sort of finance from many bridging lenders. The security is owned by a BVI registered company and the loan itself was for offshore purposes, which saw many similar lenders shy away. These complexities made it almost impossible for traditional bridging lenders to offer a solution.

Enter the BridgeCrowd.

The BridgeCrowd’s knowledge and understanding of what is required to meet a range of individual financial requirements meant that they could not only take on this case, but also succeed in meeting the client’s requirements within the imposed time constraints.

Their team of solicitors also performed extra due diligence and excelled in wrapping up this specialist agreement, ensuring that the BridgeCrowd were comfortable to lend with the knowledge that their loan was suitably secured despite the different overseas legal jurisdictions that were involved.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and excellence of this peer to peer lender, a loan of £1.8m was granted to a high net worth client, for offshore business purposes. An extremely complex case with an incredibly smooth finish.