Central Bridging Loans and Bond Finance combine on £2M bridging loan

By Bridging Loan Directory -


City of London packager Bond Finance Ltd have recently completed a complex £2M second charge business loan for a HNW business client with Central Bridging Loans.

The loan was secured predominantly against a number of commercial properties owned by the client over a six month term, at LTVs exceeding 75% of OMV, despite there being a number of challenging issues surrounding first mortgagee consents and deeds of priorities, exit for the loan being a refinance via Santander, one of the borrower’s mainstream lenders.

John Clifford, MD of Central Bridging Loans said:
“Bruce is a long standing introducer with ourselves, who has a proven track record of bringing quality HNW clients and lending business to us and whilst commercial lending is not our main lending field this deal proves that we are indeed a bespoke lender, with a keen interest in working with like minded professionals and underwriting viable business, irrespective of LTV”.

Bruce Mainwaring, MD of Bond Finance commented:
“This is one of those deals that only John and CBL could do. As always they look at the client as well as the security involved and make commercial decisions based on all aspects of the case. Simply amazing service as always and terms for commercial lending”.

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Tel : 03332 400 506

Email : enquiry@centralbridgingloans.co.uk