Oblix Capital completes £1.74m development exit bridge

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Port Moresby Place Oblix Capital

Oblix Capital, the specialist short-term lender have announced the completion of a complex £1.74 million development exit bridge.

Situated on the south-coast town of Eastbourne, the client had built 8 high quality residential properties and required development exit funding on three of these units to generate capital for future projects as well as paying off the existing development facility.

The facility was structured on a 9-month loan term at 75% LTV and priced at a highly competitive rate of 0.85% pm.

This follows their biggest completion to date, coupled with a record lending month in March.

Adam Powell, director of business development at Oblix Capital said:

“Remaining flexible and efficient to meet our client’s requirements forms a big part of the strategy here at Oblix Capital. The team took each challenge faced by the client into account, whilst ensuring we structured the loan on its individual merits. A big thank you goes out to our risk team who put the deal together with the utmost flexibility, clarity and approachability’.

Andy Reid, Sales director at Oblix Capital said:

“After a great finish to the financial year, its imperative we continue with the same enthusiasm, appetite and focus. This development exit deal demonstrates our ability to remain flexible without compensating on client satisfaction.”

Port Moresby Place2 Oblix Capital