New bridging lender launches

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Bridging lender

Interbridge Loans has launched a range of non-regulated products for the residential and commercial property sectors via financial intermediaries in England and Wales.

Interbridge Loans is not just another bridging lender coming to the market. It has swiftly developed a robust infrastructure to ensure sustainable reliability and confidence amongst the financial intermediary and borrower communities. As part of The Interbridge Financial Group it is funded by a combination of principal shareholders funds and third-party institutional finance.

Interbridge Loans is a specialist provider of bridging loans from £200k to £5m for a term of up to 12 months, and heavy refurbishment loans with a term of up to 24 months. It offers offer up to 75% loan to value (LTV) on a 180 days Open Market Valuation. All loans are principally secured by a first charge over property.

Interbridge Loans focuses on a reliable and efficient service delivery proposition, identifying and agreeing the right lending terms of each transaction early in the process and proactively working with all loan counterparties to swiftly and efficiently facilitate the process from initial terms through to completion.

Sven Peter, CEO and Founder of Interbridge Financial Group says:

“At Interbridge we recognize that the UK bridging market is strongly broker-led and that our broker partners are best placed to evaluate borrower needs.  We are therefore focusing on delivering fast and tailored solutions to our broking partners.  IB-Loans is our Group’s direct lending product specifically targeted at the mid-market broker community. We identified a need in the mid-market for a reliable, speedy loan execution capability with a strong solutions-based approach.  At IB Loans we want to work with brokers and borrowers who embrace our lending proposition and are looking for speedy solutions and reliable funding. Since our principal funding has significant shareholder money attached to it we can make non-conventional deals happen. We bring a lending proposition which is entirely service driven, and our teams are highly experienced, professional and profoundly ethical about everything we do.”