Kuflink reaches £20m milestone with zero percent losses

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Narinder Khattoare Kuflink

Kuflink, the peer-to-peer property investment platform, is celebrating reaching a significant new milestone of over £20 million invested since its launch in 2016.

The company’s investor platform has enjoyed remarkable popularity since its inception, with investors, attracted by Kuflink’s high ROIs and proven track record of zero percent losses to date, contributing over £20 million in funds. Kuflink’s success reflects the growing demand for alternative finance options amid changes to the buy-to-let market and diminishing returns on traditional investment options.

With a strong focus on lenders and borrowers growing and succeeding together, Kuflink was founded on the principle that property investment should be fast, flexible, and hassle-free. Having already built strong credentials as a lender through Alpha Bridging Solutions Ltd, Kuflink saw the opportunity to expand into the growing peer-to-peer sector, with the platform gaining full FCA regulation in 2017.

Kuflink has since carved out a niche in the property finance market as an established peer-to-peer lender with zero losses and a clean track record of investment. To date, over 27,000 individual investments have been made on Kuflink’s platform, with the resulting property-backed loans used to provide borrowers with quick access to short-term finance, at rates unequalled by high street banks.

In keeping with its ethos of building strong and lasting relationships with investors, Kuflink offers a twenty percent first loss guarantee, and co-invests five percent in each loan. This ensures that investors are protected in the case of defaults, and reflects both Kuflink’s confidence in its impeccable track record, and their commitment to each investor’s individual investment journey.

Narinder Khattoare, pictured, Kuflink’s CEO, said of Kuflink’s success:

“Reaching this milestone of £20 million invested is testament to Kuflink’s dedication to changing the way property investment in the UK operates, and reflects our clients’ desire to continue disrupting the industry with us through fast, flexible and accessible property finance.”

“Alongside this, achieving a sustained zero percent loss ratio speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our due diligence process, and we are proud to state that no investor has lost even a penny on our platform.”