Century Capital’s top five tips for MIPIM

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MIPIM is the largest and most important European property event, hosted in Cannes each year. For most delegates and their businesses, it’s a significant investment of time and money. And with so much to do and see, it’s vital that you have your visit planned out before you step on the plane. We spoke to Luke Navin, Credit Analyst at Century Capital about how to get the most out of your time there.

Go with the flow

With over 20,000 real estate professionals attending from all over the world, it’s impossible not to network, and plans are bound to change on an hourly basis. Whilst it’s good to plan ahead, be prepared to move things around to fit in a quick meet here, or a second or third lunch there, to truly make the most of your time at Mipim.

Never go hungry

With every major property firm holding a lunch or dinner, and only three days to fit it all in, be prepared for three breakfasts, five lunches, and four dinners if you want to fit everything in.

Keep it on La Croisette

And while twelve meals a day might sound like a lot of stress-inducing racing around, don’t worry as nothing’s more than a stone’s throw from La Croisette – the oceanside, tree lined, Champs-Élysées of Cannes. Make sure you stay as close to this strip as possible to avoid missing out.

Dress to impress

While there’s no official dress code for the week, we’d advise men to keep it simple – suits for the day; jeans and a jacket for the evenings. For the ladies – be creative and embrace the glamour of the Cote d’Azur – and with designer boutiques rivalling the likes of Bond Street and 5th Avenue, there’s plenty of opportunity to pick up some extra hand baggage for the flight home!

Weather looks good for this year so far, so leave the raincoats at home and enjoy the sunshine! Just remember that it’s still March, so expect evenings to be a little cooler, especially on the front, so a scarf for the evenings is advised.

Don’t get carried away

Everyone likes a good time. Add the glitz and glamour of the French riviera and it’s easy to see how a fun evening can quickly spiral out of control. Make sure you enjoy yourself and make the most of all that Mipim and the riviera has to offer. But just remember – it’s not Vegas! What goes on in Cannes doesn’t necessarily stay there. So, keep it together, stay professional, and make sure you’re welcome back next year!