Brightstar introduces AI-powered call monitoring

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Rob Jupp brightstar

Brightstar Financial has agreed a deal with Yabber Global to introduce a more sophisticated approach to call monitoring and training at the specialist distributor.

The Yabber platform combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and real contact centre experience to analyse customer telephone interactions to identify opportunities further training and development, as well as providing assurance that customers are being treated fairly and all compliance requirements are being met.

Brightstar is introducing the new technology as part of its ongoing commitment to continuing to set new standards of training and professionalism in the specialist distribution sector.

Rob Jupp, pictured, CEO at The Brightstar Group, said:

“We’ve actually been in talks with Yabber Global for some time now as we recognised the powerful training ability of being able to use AI to analyse calls so that we can then provide better informed development feedback to our people.

The current situation is extremely difficult for everyone but it’s important to look to the future and, where possible, to use this opportunity to refine processes so that our business emerges in a stronger position to contribute to the market recovery. This is a small step in the right direction, and we are confident that it will benefit our people, our partners and their clients.”

Brian Pitt, CEO at Yabber Global, said:

“We actually developed the Yabber platform to meet a need that we had at Rockstead to more accurately and efficiently carry out call monitoring to the regulated sector, and the number of potential uses for this technology continues to grow. Yabber’s expanding product range now includes secure call recording for staff working from home as evidence of our ability to react to market needs and we see an ever-increasing role for this type of technology.

I’m really pleased that Brightstar has seen the value in Yabber and I am sure that brokers and customers who work with the specialist distributor will see the benefits of this real-time AI analysis and the people development advantage that it can bring.”