Bridgewater launch fourth ‘Just a thought…’ adviser sales aid‏

By Bridging Loan Directory -


Bridgewater Equity Release, the home reversion specialists, has today (8th March 2012) launched the fourth in its series of sales aids for advisers entitled, ‘Just a thought…’

The fourth ‘Just a thought…’ aid covers the topic of ‘Using equity release to fund first-time buyer deposits’ and includes statistics on the levels of wealth tied up in properties across the UK and the advantages of gifting a ‘living inheritance’ in order to help children/grandchildren secure their first home.

The sales aid is also designed to help advisers ask the right questions of their potential first-time buyer clients and to secure relationships with specialist equity release advisers.

‘Just a thought…’ sales aids can also be used by advisers with their introducer contacts to help them understand the potential uses of equity release in a variety of situations and circumstances.

All Bridgewater sales aids can be downloaded from the adviser resource centre on its website.

Peter Welch, Head of Sales and Distribution at Bridgewater Equity Release, commented:

“Following on from our original set of three ‘Just a thought…’ sales aids we are now able to offer the fourth in the series covering the potential for equity release to be used in order to fund a child’s or grandchild’s house deposit.  In situations where the potential purchaser is likely to receive an inheritance, it may well be an option for the benefactor to use equity release in order to gift the cash amount now rather than waiting to do it via their will.  Many grandparents in particular like having the opportunity of watching their grandchildren benefit in such a way during their lifetimes rather than after they have gone.  This aid gives information on the ways advisers and their introducer contacts can broach the subject and allows them to reflect on the inherent equity release opportunity that lies within this situation.  Finding a deposit remains the number one stumbling block for many potential homeowners and using equity release is just one solution to this predicament.  We believe it is right and proper that advisers and their introducers ask the question as it could mean the difference between someone getting on the property ladder or not.”

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